“The purpose of Hespeler Dad’s Sports and Entertainment is to create an opportunity for its members to participate in recreational sports in an environment that promotes friendliness and fair play amongst all participants.”


Registration for 2020 Ball Season is now open.

Online Registration

Welcome to the 10th year of the greatest show on a diamond.

G$, Stafford, and Chad have finally broken their curse….only one original left that still hasn’t won. Can’t think of who that is…Anyone know?

Please see the below particulars and if you are interested in signing up and continuing on your journey please do so. If you do not thank you for participating in previous years.

If you know anyone that you feel will enjoy what we have built then please forward them the email.
If you want to be a captain please advise we may still be looking for 1 or 2…

We will continue to play with NO UMPS.
Season May 6th to Sept 30th
Time 9 pm to 11 pm
Diamonds Lions Can Amera (Saginaw and [email protected] Clemens Mill Public School)
Cost $150 (same as last year)
Please email payments to [email protected]
Draft Party Details March 28th tentatively

Any questions or payment arrangements please advise…

HDSE Franchises

The HDSE Franchises:

The Pirates are one of the oldest franchises in the league. Born in 2008 under the leadership of Chad Carreira, they pioneered the development of Hespeler Dads Ball Club while participating in the rec leagues at the old Ice Park. In the teams final year before joining Hespeler Dads Sports and Entertainment, they appeared in the league championship game only to lose by one run.


The Buccaneers (Bucs) history also predates the forming of Hespeler Dads Sports and Entertainment. They played one season in the same league as the Pirates in 2010. The rivalry between the two teams was epic, and something that the Ice Park and other leagues could only wish to recreate. The franchise is best known for its attitude towards playing the game and having fun, emphasis on the fun part. The 2010 season for the Bucs will forever be defined by the blockbuster trade made with the Pirates towards the end of the season. It was a 4 player swap that some say was done to give the Pirates a shot at winning the championship.


The Grey Gooses (Formerly known as The Mammoth Men) were critical in the forming of the HDSE. As an established team within the Ice Park league at the time, they were approached by the Pirates and persuaded to help form the new league. With the state of the playing conditions at the Ice Park in 2010, it wasn’t difficult to persuade them to join. In their first year in the HDSE they lead the regular season in wins, only to lose a dramatic championship match to the Raiders.


The Raiders are the youngest, yet most successful franchise in the Hespeler Dads Sports and Entertainment. Lead by the partnership of Matt Broga and Mike Gammage, the team has earned a reputation of champions with back to back victories in 2011 and 2012. They are the team that everyone loves to hate, because they win, but on draft day everyone secretly hopes to be selected to the wear the black jerseys.